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the best of is the original national Buyers' Agent. What is a Buyers' Agent?

Try our car buying service and purchase the vehicle of your choice, with the equipment you select, without the hassle of negotiating! handles all the arrangements, including delivery. With your final approval, simply pick up the keys at the dealership (that's all you have to do) and drive away in your new car! is Not a Sellers' Agent, Not a dealer. As a volume purchasing agent who is prohibited from receiving fees, kickbacks, commissions, or anything of value from dealers, lenders, manufacturers, or advertisers, the agent has access to wholesale pricing, without any conflict of interest. All the savings are passed directly to you, the consumer.

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The media asks for more information regarding the Car Buyer's Agent. CarQ your new car$ource, provides the answers.
Consumer Advocate, Linda Goldberg was invited to testify before California's State Transportation Committee regarding furthering the Car Buyer's Bill of Rights and the implamentation of the California Lemon Law.

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Linda Lee Goldberg, Consumer Advocate
As the Buyer’s Agent, I’m frequently asked about the ‘dealer holdback’. Many consumers want to know if they should expect to participate or share with the dealer, this amount of money. However, the dealers 'holdback' is not additional profit for the dealer. A franchise agreement between the manufacturer and the seller provide the dealer with a discount on their invoices. This amount is earned IF the dealer performs by units sold in a given period of time, and IF the dealer reaches the bonus-status required by the franchise agreement. The discount assists the dealer with overhead. (Overhead for many car dealerships is estimated to be an average of $500,000 per month). The dealer must earn the discount. Some dealers will bet on the future, and dip into the projected discount to facilitate the sale of unwanted inventory. The Buyer's Agent will establish the market on any vehicle with multiple inquiries from dealers.

Flooring and Insurance costs are also provided to every dealer. This amount is also discounted from the factory invoice and it is used to assist the selling dealer with the costs of maintaining inventory. If an Auto Broker had access to any 'holdback' they would share it with the dealer as additional profit to themselves. A Buyer's Agent is looking for the lowest profit margin based on the invoice and would pass any additional discounts to the client.